03May 2017

Founded by passionate creatives and board sports enthusiasts dedicated to bring innovative ideas to life in most sustainable way possible. Inspired by nature and designed for the future, Rolkaz Collective’s goal is to combine high-quality natural materials with modern design and a heavy dose of performance.

The skateboard decks are a complete change and innovation in the way skateboards are made. Solely natural and sustainable materials from renewable resources, high performance plant based resine, 100% natural hemp and ampliTex flax fibers fabrics, which increase the damping properties for shock absorption and a smooth ride. This unique skateboard construction with awesome characteristics and enhanced performance, proves there is a sustainable and responsible choice.

Sustainable in both design and manufacturing, to reduce the environmental impact. Rolkaz  chose materials and processes that are the best in the industry from the environmental perspective. All the materials are locally grown and processed in Europe.

Two different optimized shapes that feature refined construction, premium riding experience – proving innovative alternatives to standard materials can maintain the highest level of performance.

Available on Kickstarter on May 3rd, 2017.

More info about AMPLITEX

More info about ROLKA  KICKSTARTER

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28Oct 2016

Woodspirit idea is to return to the roots, to seek the original freesking spirit, by producing in an artisanal way.  Being as much respectful of the nature, while achieving the finest gliding devices. Unique and powerfull, built with noble and sustainable materials such as wood cores and ampliTex® flax fibers reforcement.

For this season Woodspirit focus on offering its customers, light and high performances skis by using bCores®. A certified FCS balsa plywood, reinforced with flax composite. The lightest wood core available on the market.

The skis are fully developed and assembled in Woodspirit workshop, in the Swiss Jura, in the small village of L’Isle. Woodspirit promotes  proximity and  local partners and materials. The Woodspirit team works with passion for passionate people.

More info about WOODSPIRIT

More info about AMPLITEX

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27Oct 2016

E-Tech is an award winning environmentally friendly high performance surfboard and stand up paddleboard factory, that is the first of its kind in the world. Co-owners Todd Patterson and Ryan Harris opened their shop with one mission in mind: To demonstrate to the greater surfing community that there are greener and more sustainable surfboard production methods that will not compromise the performance of the board. In an effort to get this message out, E-Tech has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry to facilitate the transformation of surf culture and surf industry into one powerful community that strives to protect the ocean playground.

E-Tech is known for working with the advanced renewable and recycled materials such as recycled EPS foam board blanks instead of polyurethane or polystyrene. Entropy Resins sap-based bio-based-resin instead of polyester resin. Natural ampliTex flax fabrics to replace fiberglass coating and also to make carbon patches reforcement.

More info about E-TECH

More info about AMPLITEX

More info about SUPERSAP


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27Jan 2016

The Ambient bio-based honeycomb paper board is made of mostly natural materials
from renewable resources and a low carbon footprint. The blank is made of 75% recycled
honeycomb paper with EPS rails. It is laminated with Bcomb ampliTex SURF natural flax fabric and
the glassing is done with Entropy Resin’s bio-epoxy. The visible natural fibres and honeycomb
paper emphasise sustainability while preserving the traditional high performance shape
of the board. The unique bio-based construction of this board makes this a sustainable
board with a low carbon footprint, a long life expectancy and minimized production waste.
We have begun to develop a 6”6 ft. surfboard. The construction is not only suitable
for surfboards but also for kite-wave boards, windsurfboards and SUP boards. The
chosen materials and innovative construction will be applied in standard mass

Brunotti Ambient bio based board 1

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05Jan 2016

Lonely Mountain Skis is a ski company based in Perthshire, Scotland. They build handmade custom skis that are a blend of traditional and modern materials and techniques. Currently having three ski shapes in their library, all  skis use a wood core surrounded by ampliTex flax fibres and carbon fibres.

Flax is an amazing natural fiber that is stronger than fibreglass and offers improved damping. The carbon enables our skis to be stiff where they need to whilst keeping the ski weight low. The down side of the carbon being its high vibration frequency, that the ampliTex flax brings down with increasing damping properties of the ski by up to 300%. The combination of ampliTex non-crimp flax fabrics + carbon fibres, is to date the most performing ski layup.

Furthermore, skis are glued together with Entropy Resins’ Super Sap epoxy resin, especially developed as an amazingly elastic and durable ski resin that is derived from sustainable sources.


More info about AMPLITEX

More info about SUPERSAP


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21Dec 2015

The Italian shaper from Passion Handcraft choose to use more sustainable materials to build his boards. Not only a direct benefit for planet earth but also for the surfer who enjoys superior performances. The kitesurf board’s deck reinforcement patches are made of ampliTex SURF flax fabrics. A tough material that also provides better vibration damping property, for a more comfortable ride and higher resistance to dings. AmpliTex SURF are low twist, light, high performance flax cloths, specialy developped to answer surf’s industry specific needs. To complete the layup, Passion Handcraft uses Entropy SuperSap resins, a high performance, bio based resin.


More info about AMPLITEX

More info about SUPERSAP

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26Nov 2015

Founded in 2003 by engineer/designer Alexandre Fougea, the brand Akonite features all kinds of gliding devices made of composites materials with a strong design identity and eco consciousness. The last addition to their range is a cruiser skateboard with a stunning look, ideal for all urban commutes.

Akonite has used ampliTex flax fabrics in their wood sandwich construction. The most performing natural fibre cloth available on the market with non-weaved structure. Flax is a truly sustainable fibre, produced in Europe, with superior mechanical properties than the high energy consuming glass fibres.

More info about AKONITE

More info about ampliTex


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23Nov 2015

FUSTA skis are hand made in Auvergne, France, by 2 brothers passionated about nature and mountains. FUSTA claims top notch quality, highlights environmental consciousness and human values. Series are limited and customisable on demand. Their latest adition, named “chaudefour” is a free-touring orientated ski that weighs 1450grs for 90mm width waist. This weight saving is made possible by the use of bCore. A full balsa-wood core, reinforced with flax fibres laminates. The result is the lightest wood ski available on the market with superior behaviour and performance on snow.


Go check out Bcomp.ch for more info about bCores and Fusta.fr to get a pair of skis made with unique craftsmanship and soul.

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25Aug 2015

Australian surfboard Samsara innovates with using the first white flax cloth, ampliTex SURF.

Jason Wigger, Samsara surfboard’s owner and mechanical designer, is a South hemisphere true pioneer in term of sustainable surfboard manufacturing. He’s been experimenting ampliTex flax fabrics for quite a while now, finding superior properties than glass in terms of strength, resistance, weight and surf performance. He’s now wrapping up surfboards with the new ampliTex SURF flax fabrics, which is from the look, hard to differentiate from a standart glass cloth!

AmpliTex SURF are made of 100% renewable resource, flax. To be produced, the flax fibers consume 1/10 of the energy needed to produce the glass one’s. ampliTex are also engineered to be the most performing natural fibers on the market, answering the direct needs of surfboard industry. Now with a white color, from a sustainable whitening technology, the fabrics prevents wax melting from sun light and offers limitless design possibilities.

More info about Samsara Surfboards HERE

More info about ampliTex SURF HERE

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18Aug 2015

South Africa based company Hurricane Surf is experimenting new surfboard constructions with flax fibres cloth, ampliTex.
The ampliTex flax fabric, the most effective natural fibres currently on the market, fully sustainable, engineered with low twist for higher performances, makes the board significantly more resistant to surface pressure dents and also makes it really lively, resulting a surfboard that last longer and performs better!

The flax fabrics are laid by hand and resin coated, same process as glass fibers, the easiest and most common manufacturing process within the surf industry.

In terms of sustainability , to be produced, flax fibres require 10 times less energy than glass ones. They also 100% renewable, grown in Europe with little irrigation and fertalizer and free or GMO.

More info about Hurricane Surf HERE

More info about ampliTex HERE

photo 2

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17Aug 2015

Bcomp has collaborated with several academic partners (FHNW Brugg-Windisch, KU Leuven, FHNW St. Gallen) over several years to develop novel thermoplastic-flax prepregs, with the objective of matching the mechanical properties of flax-epoxy composites. In addition, thermoplastic matrices are tough and damage tolerant and offer the possibility of rapid processing.

Several application specific polymers were selected (stiffness, strength, strain or impact performance driven) and modified, comprising a cellulose derived thermoplastic and a co-polyoxymethylene (coPOM). As a first case study, a bicycle saddle sheet was produced with a brand new coPOM-ampliTex preform.

More info about ampliTex and Bcomp HERE

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03Aug 2015

California based surfboard maker, E-Tech (Earth Technologies), the number one eco-friendly workshop in Norh America, just produced the most eco friendly SUP to date.

E-Tech uses recycled EPS foam board blanks, Entropy Super Sap bio-resin instead of polyester resin and ampliTex flax cloth instead of fiber glass. A more environmentally friendly and durable SUP which is even more performant than the ones built traditionally . For instance, ampliTex is stronger than glass at equal flexural stiffness, which makes boards lighter and more resistant to surface pressure dents. The unique properties of flax fibres, also make the layup super-damping, saving the leg from fatigue while keeping a really dynamic and lively flex pattern.

More information about Entropy HERE

More information about E-Tech HERE

More information about ampliTex HERE

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29Jun 2015

DOWN SKIS, is a Europen based company, dedicated to create originally designed high quality freeride and freestyle skis, notably beiing knowed through their distintive carbon layup’s construction.

For 2016 Down has totally redesigned its ski range by incorporating ampliTex flax fibres fabrics within their originally carbon layups. The purpose is to add damping to the carbon fibres, which are stiff but also really vibrating material on the down side, making carbon skis loosing their efficiently and comfort on icy and choppy snow conditions. The ampliTex flax natural fibres increase the damping properties by up to a factor 3, which makes them the best match to carbon layers, in order to keep a smooth ride down the hill, while being lighter than glass at equal flexural stiffness. On top of unique properties, ampliTex flax fabrics are harmless for the workers, coming from a sustainable plant that needs no irrigation, no fertiliser and is free of GMO.

We can say that carbon + ampliTex flax fibres, is the most efficient sandwich layup, as showed in below picture.


More info about ampliTex HERE

More info about Down HERE



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04May 2015

JY surfboards are built to last, with less environmental impact, locally produced and custom made. Running a surfboard repair shop, since 2006, Julian Yoshi noticed a change in the industry. Quality-wise, boards were not getting any better. Board design still evolves, but the production of surfboards is more centralised then ever.

“After being fed up with repairing Asia-made surfboards, we knew we could build surfboards better and more sustainable.”

JY uses ampliTex flax fabrics to add  superior strength to the surface of the board. Glassed with bio-based epoxy resins and shaped in EPS or Biofoam, JY is able to produce a surfboards that can be fully recyclable. This new approach towards surfboard design, production and recyclability makes JY’s products more resistant, more sustainable and innovative in their kind.

Learn more about JY Surf HERE

Learn more about ampliTex light flax fabrics HERE

Learn more about Entropy resins HERE




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01Apr 2015

The german Stand Up Paddle brand, Hu’Chu, has presented during the JEC show in Paris a new model with a layup made entirely with bio-based materials. It contains ampliTex flax fiber light fabrics coating and Entropy SuperSap bio-sourced resin. Daniel Roesner the shaper of Hu Chu boards is devoted to use of the most performing and sustainable products in his production.

Also, the surf shaper Julian Yoshi van Vlie AKA JY was displaying one of his last creation, made with ampliTex UD and 0/90° light fabrics + Entropy Super Sap resin.

No wonder why Hu’Chu’s et JY’s boards were among the main highlights on JEC’s natural composites booth!

More about Hu’Chu HERE

More about JY surf HERE

More about ampliTex light HERE

More about SuperSap HERE

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26Feb 2015

The Swiss brand Stöckli selects the very best materials to built its skis, which are worldwide reknowned as being next level in terms of manufacturing quality and finishing. During ISPO 15 Stöckli, introduced its 2016 ski line which includes numerous skis using the Core technology.

bCore is the lightest wood core currently available on the market. To answer Stöckli’s need of high downhill performances, the light plywood core is reinforced with flax fibres sheer webs, which provide the ski great reactivity and high fatigue properties. The patented technology offers what was until now just a dream: the combination of lightness and superior performances.

More about Stöckli HERE

More about bCores HERE


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25Feb 2015

For 2016 Faction skis, will keep on producing the multi award winning Candide’s ski serie, with playful, freestyle all-mountain skiing in mind. Apart from some shape modifications, the Candide’s line is still built with the only core able to put up with the massive airs and impacts taken by the freeski super-star: bCores. bCore is a patented technology that associate the lightest wood, a balsa plywood, to the most performing natural fiber composites, ampliTex.
This breakthrough ski core technology will also equip women’s ski from next year, in a 108mm width, free-touring orientated model : the Supertonic. Again, lightness will merge high downhill performances in these upcoming models.

More info about Faction HERE

More info about bCores HERE


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24Feb 2015

The Black-Crows flagship, the Nocta, big twin-tip backcountry slayer, comes back for 2016 with a dramatic loss of weight. The upcoming version is 1kg lighter than now! This has been made possible thanks to the use of bCores, a balsa plywood core for unparalleled lightness. reinforced by flax fiber composites webs for higher fatigue properties and great performances on the downhill.

More about Black-Crows HERE

More about bCores HERE


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19Feb 2015

K2 skis, has always been a leading company in terms of innovative shapes and ski constructions, being at the for front of emerging tendences.
True to its reputation, K2 innovates once again, with launching for 2016 a ski made specifically for the free-touring European market. Specifications of such ski is unparalleled lightness with unparalleled downhill performances. You want to reach the top with ease and be able to go through any type of terrain at any speed with comfort and the same ease on the downhill.
To reach such performances level K2 has chosen to use bCores, a balsa plywood for the lightness reinforced by flax fibers composite sheer webs for the mechanical performances. Light, high fatigue properties, great response, all in one!
Availaible season 15/16, Men’s model is called Wayback while Women have the Talkback.


More info about K2 HERE

More info about bCores HERE

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18Feb 2015

More ski brands are displaying flax fibres layup, ampliTex, instead of the traditionaly used glass fibres.

Indeed, flax is a very sustainable material, much nicer to handle to work with than glass, no skin iritation, no harmfull dust, which are the first reasons why people love to work with it. From a technical point of view, flax present some major advantages, like being lighter than glass at equal stiffness. You can use as little as half the weight of your glass layup to obtain equivalent properties. Flax fibres have also 5 times better dampening properties than glass, which makes the ski nicer to drive with an harmonized flex.

SWAY (finalist 2115 ISPO award) – IDRIS (2013 ISPO gold winner, category offiste) – EARLYBIRD (2015 ISPO gold winner, category touring)

Judging by the amount of awards won by these small sized manufacturers, ampliTex flax fabrics is ranking up to become a leading layup technology!

More info about Sway HERE

More info about Idris HERE

More info about Earlybird HERE

More info about ampliTex® HERE


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12Feb 2015

Nemesis, Wild Belle, Belle to Belle, here are the names of three beauties, featured by Nordica during Munich ISPO 2015, which will be part of their 2016 ski collection.

This all mountain orientated ski range, has been designed to answer women needs for a easy-to-drive ski, performing on all types of terrain, with a light weight. The sum of these properties has been doable thanks to the use of bCores. The lightest wood core currently available on the market. The bCore is made of a plywood of balsa and reinforced by natural fibre composites sheer webs.

More info about Nordica HERE

More info about bCores HERE


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11Feb 2015

LINE skis was previewing during Munich’s ISPO their 15/16 ski line.
Emblematic team rider, Eric Pollard, stoked with the success of this year Opus Magnus ski, decided to choose the same ultra light FSC balsa core, reinforced with flax fiber composite sheer webs, in his whole pro-model line, which includes 3 different models! Opus Magnus, Mordecai, Sir Francis Bacon.

bCore, the lightest wood core currently on the market, is not just being outstandingly light, but is also solid enough to stomp the heaviest drops and provides great stability to charge the downhills, thanks to vibrations damping properties of flax fabrics.

Line also goes backcountry, finally introducing a touring ski, and it is based off its incredibly popular Sick Day model. The Line Sick Day Tourist is a lighter weight version of the award winning chassis, coming in at just 3,340 grams per pair. At 135-102-120, it’s an all around backcountry charger that should take whatever conditions arise.

More info about Line Skis HERE

More info about FSC HERE

More info about bCore HERE


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02Feb 2015

The biggest snow sport fair of North America is a wrap and it has been the occasion to have a glimpse some of the upcoming innovations in 2016, within the ski industry.
Salt Lake City based ski builder, Kitten Factory, with 14 years of experience producing skis, is known for making carbon layup skis, with generous shapes that make skiing them a bliss.
Next year Kitten Factory put the pedal to the metal by adding to their allready well solid line of skis, 2 brand new models (named Toors light & PDF.132) which feature bCore technologie. bCores are the lightest wood core currently available on the market. A really specific plywood of balsa, certified FSC, reinforced by the most performing natural fibres fabrics composites, ampliTex. The structure is not only light as none others but has also higher fatigue properties than other woods.

More about Kitten Factory HERE

More about FSC HERE

More about bCores HERE

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28Jan 2015

The Swiss ski manufacturer Earlybird, is awarded by the ISPO 15/16 gold award  in the category ski touring, with the ski called Jackdaw.

Earlybird skis combines the latest eco-responsible rawmaterials to build skis at highest performance. They make no compromises. They combine regional swiss wood in a triplewood skicore, natural flax-fibres ampliTex® instead of carbon or glass fibres, to deliver equal  stiffness with much more damping, a biobased epoxyresin and a sintered graphit racebase made with recycled rawmaterials and we use a 100% biobased skiwax. The top-sheet is made out of robinia vaneer, all logos are branded. The finish is made with a two-component natural oil.

More info about Earlybird skis HERE

More info about ampliTex® flax fabrics HERE

More info about Entropy biobased resins HERE





26Jan 2015

The Utah based ski brand, DPS, proudly welcomes a new construction, called Tour1,  that prioritizes a feathery weigh-in simultaneously delivering a high-performance descent. A specialized beast infused with DPS renowned torsional stiffness, power, and craftsmanship. Already 3 models of ski feature the brand new TOUR 1 construction.

To outperform the performances of their allready well reknown products line, DPS  used the best wood core technologie available on the market, bCore. bCore is a patented technology that uses a very specific plywood of balsa wood, reinforced with flax fiber composites sheer webs. This specific construction gives to the core superior fatigue properties and add more damping to the classic DPS’s pure carbon layup, to add more comfort. On top of being the lightest core, helping the touring skier during the ascent, the new construction delivers great performances for the downhill!

More info about DPS and TOUR1 construction HERE

More info about bCore technology HERE





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06Jan 2015

The young Bern based ski manufacturer Earlybird Skis combines all available eco-responsible materials to build high performance and lightweight freeride touring skis.  They use ampliTex® flax fibres, biobased entropyresins® epoxy, regional wood for the cores and top sheets, a recycled P-Tex race base and a 100% biobased ski wax.

More info about Early Bird Skis HERE

More info about ampliTex® HERE

More info about Entropy Resins HERE



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22Dec 2014

Akonite is successful french designer and ski manufacturer. The Digitalis is their brand new ski for 2015, a 100mm underfoot backcountry weapon. Here’s a preview of the beautifully handcrafted tool. This is the very first press of a limited and exclusive edition. Stay tuned, production is now on full swing and will be retailed really soon through a selected shops and website. The structure of the ski has been thought with high eco consciousness. The layup is made exclusively ampliTex® flax fabrics, the most performing natural fibers on the market and bound with Entropy bio-based epoxy resin.
The topsheet features a 3D graphism, which is in fact a numerically generated modelisation of winter 2013 weather’s data!

More about Akonite HERE

More about ampliTex® HERE

More about Entropy HERE

17Dec 2014

The Revolución flax frame offers an innovative focus on performance and durability.

The frame uses natural flax fibre composite, ampliTex, to provide performance similar to carbon in terms of weight and strength, with a reduction in cost. Among other benefits such as taking twenty-five times less energy to produce than carbon fibres for instance. Using the ampliTex fibre technology, the frame already meets rigorous EN 14781 standards.

The composite tubing is able to deliver something different to carbon, by providing a tangible compliance and shock absorption over rougher surfaces. The bespoke titanium lugs offer a sharp visual contrast to the natural fibre. The strength to weight ratio of these parts mean this bike can be every bit the lithe yet tough featherweight that it promises.

More about ampliTex HERE

More Revolución flax frame HERE



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08Dec 2014

MAKAI BOARDS, a Swiss SUP company, introduces for 2015, 2 brand new boards, that will become their new flagship products. The 2 models are designed for alpine lake use, fairly wide and cruisy boards with a specific shape that provides a perfect glide and motion on water. MAKAI choose to use  ampliTEx® Light flax fabrics to wrap up these boards. A more environmental friendly fabric than glass which is also stiffer at same weight.  This new material offers high compression strength, and damping properties, even the weight is slightly less than when using fibre glass. the Amplitex® Light flax fabrics give the boards a natural sleek look without any additional fibre glass. A look that stands out from the classic bamboo topsheets. Sweet on the eyes and perfectly match MAKAI’s image brand and values.

More about MAKAI HERE

More about ampliTex® Light HERE

kikino-back kikino-front

The Makai Kikino “classic” 10’6 & the Makai Kikino “nautic” 10’6 / 11’6


Makai Boards_logo_print_black_1

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22Oct 2014

Archer Cork Skateboards has produced a vibration reducing cork composite skateboard. This board was developed to raise awareness that composites can be responsible to the environment as well as a performance product. Skateboards have always traditionally been wood, or composite carbon, but Archer decided to use Amorim’s CoreCork, and reinforce it with bComp Amplitex Flax fabrics, and infuse it with Sicomin GreenPoxy. The result was a laminate that displayed an extraordinary reduction in vibration, creating a smooth ride for the skater, and a true performance benefit, without the use of any traditional materials and proving there is a sustainable, responsible choice, without sacrificing performance.

More about Archer Cork Skateboards HERE

More about Amorim Cork Composites HERE

More info about ampliTex flax fabrics HERE

More info about Sicomin GreenPoxy HERE

Archer cruisers MK4 032lowresLogo Award Winner White low

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02Oct 2014

Australian surf shaper/manufacturer, ECS was formed in 2005 with one vision in mind, “to bring high quality performance boards to the market at reasonable prices”. Today ECS pursues its motto with the launch of a brand new technologie called Flex Fusion which blends carbon fibres with flax fibres, AmpliTex® Light, to create lighter and more performing surf’s lay-up.

More about ECS Boards HERE

More about ampliTex Light HERE


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29Jul 2014

French skateboard manufacturer O’clock, launches a new ultra light serie of its model “the Faguette”, using flax fibers composites.

To drop the weight without compromising the performances, O’clock uses a core made of an ultra light balsa ply-wood, reinforced by flax shear webs. bCore D200, currently the lightest wood core available on the market. This core, is wrapped in a composite lay-up, which blends traditional carbon fibers to flax fibers / the stiffness of carbon fibers, to the outstanding damping properties of flax fibers, ampliTex.

The result is a board which is 400 gr lighter, with better control and better overall riding properties!

More about bCore for skateboard HERE

More about ampliTex HERE

More about O’Clock Skateboard  HERE 1907384_649223631835115_2694559169901587043_n

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27May 2014

The company Anticonf makes high quality boards in their Lausanne(CH) facility, with an higher environmental consciousness.
Anticonf considers that all glass and carbon fibers, as all petrol based resins, are part of the stone age  and therefore banned them from their workshops. Anticonf exclusively works with natural flax fibers, ampliTex®, and bio-based resin.

On top of being sustainable and innovative, Anticonf boards are made lighter thanks to flax fibers, which are lighter and have more stiffness than glass fiber.  The ampliTex® ensures a bulletproof construction with an optimal torsional flex. Designed to endure the use and abuses through the time, Anticonform boards don’t snap and are also not sensitive to moisture environment, thanks to a special natural wax treatment!

Learn more about Anticonf HERE

Learn more about ampliTex® HERE



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20May 2014

The new HPC hockey sticks line, from Composites Busch, one of the leading manufacturer of high-performance composite materials, is now available on the market. These hockey sticks, flagships of Busch’s knowledge, set new benchmarks in ice hockey with an optimal feeling and unequaled vibration dampening.

The hollow shaft is built of micro-sandwich flax-carbon composites. The flax braid helps absorbing double the vibrations from a conventional carbon composite stick, which provides an optimal feeling and comfort for the players. One-piece construction allows an energy transfer without loss of power and increased shooting accuracy.

Julien Vauclair, member of the last World Championship’s all Star Team, took full advantage of the performance of this stick during the last World Championship in Sweden.

More about Busch HERE

More about ampliTex® flax braids HERE

 hpc_canne_article copie
15May 2014

The Munich based custom ski manufacturer Sway is now using ampliTex® flax fibers in their proven carbon sandwich
construction to improve dampening without adding weight. Since their foundation, sway is aiming to create lightweight freeride, touring and alpine skis without sacrificing performance or durability.
“To us, sustainable production first means to create high quality skis which perfectly match each skier’s
individual style of riding – skis that will be enjoyed for a long time. And if the perfect way to boost
performance is by using natural fibers like flax, we are perfectly happy.”
The new carbon & flax sandwich construction is now available for all sway semi-custom models and fullcustom



More about Sway HERE

More about ampliTex® HERE

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06May 2014

Samsara Surfboards, manufactures high-performance and traditional surfboards from the latest eco-friendly, sustainable hi-tech materials. Custom eco surfboards are their specialty and they’re well known to push the boundaries, delivering high performance craft with careful consideration to Mother Nature.

Jason Wiggers, the owner of the boutique surfboard company, based in Victoria – Australia, is a passionate artist and pioneer in the Australian eco-friendly surfboard industry. Using his background in mechanical engineering, Wiggers recently developed a new ecofriendly boards line, mixing traditional fiberglass cloth with flax fabrics, ampliTex ®



More info about ampliTex® light flax fabrics HERE

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28Apr 2014

Blackbird Guitars launched a sustainably crafted game-changer ukulele named Clara!
Clara is made of ampliTex®, flax cloth, a renewable material that provides warm, ‘vintage’ sound and feel, with the toughness of carbon fiber. The result is a revolutionary concert ukulele with the tone of vintage wood and the durability of cutting-edge, eco-friendly construction. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in San Francisco Blackbird’s workshop, aided by computer-driven precision technology. With professional-quality tone and legendary toughness in an earth-friendly compact package, Clara will no doubt inspire artists and adventurers alike.

clara.head_.1920 (2)


More info about BlackBird Guitars HERE

More info about ampliTex® HERE

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17Mar 2014

You gonna take a new look at ski poles, from now on!

The Swedish company KANG has totally thought outside of the box by taking ski poles up to a brand new level of design. On top of mastering a slick look and high quality conception, KANG choosed to use a 22mm diameter carbon/flax tube, to provide extra vibration damping properties, thanks to ampliTex® specific properties. The 4mm bigger diameter tube, gives a great handling and grip, really well appreciated when boot-packing or skinning up, while remaining super light!


More about KANG HERE

More about ampliTex® HERE

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05Mar 2014

In’Bô is the story of five engineers wo met on school benches and  gathered around two passions: woodworking and outdoor sports. The society InBox has been successfully launched, thanks to an overwhelming crowdfunding. Today, the company produces beautifully handcrafted, high quality skateboards, bikes, sunglasses with unique looks and performances!

Wood is a material that they learned to master. They also play with natural fibers to mix strength and aesthetics. They’re longboards use flax fabrics,  ampliTex®.
The incorporation of flax fibers in the composition of their board, increases resistance to bending and holds the flex over time, while preserving the good behavior of the skateboard.

More about In’Bo HERE

More about ampliTex HERE


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