28Oct 2016

Woodspirit idea is to return to the roots, to seek the original freesking spirit, by producing in an artisanal way.  Being as much respectful of the nature, while achieving the finest gliding devices. Unique and powerfull, built with noble and sustainable materials such as wood cores and ampliTex® flax fibers reforcement.

For this season Woodspirit focus on offering its customers, light and high performances skis by using bCores®. A certified FCS balsa plywood, reinforced with flax composite. The lightest wood core available on the market.

The skis are fully developed and assembled in Woodspirit workshop, in the Swiss Jura, in the small village of L’Isle. Woodspirit promotes  proximity and  local partners and materials. The Woodspirit team works with passion for passionate people.

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27Oct 2016

E-Tech is an award winning environmentally friendly high performance surfboard and stand up paddleboard factory, that is the first of its kind in the world. Co-owners Todd Patterson and Ryan Harris opened their shop with one mission in mind: To demonstrate to the greater surfing community that there are greener and more sustainable surfboard production methods that will not compromise the performance of the board. In an effort to get this message out, E-Tech has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry to facilitate the transformation of surf culture and surf industry into one powerful community that strives to protect the ocean playground.

E-Tech is known for working with the advanced renewable and recycled materials such as recycled EPS foam board blanks instead of polyurethane or polystyrene. Entropy Resins sap-based bio-based-resin instead of polyester resin. Natural ampliTex flax fabrics to replace fiberglass coating and also to make carbon patches reforcement.

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27Jan 2016

The Ambient bio-based honeycomb paper board is made of mostly natural materials
from renewable resources and a low carbon footprint. The blank is made of 75% recycled
honeycomb paper with EPS rails. It is laminated with Bcomb ampliTex SURF natural flax fabric and
the glassing is done with Entropy Resin’s bio-epoxy. The visible natural fibres and honeycomb
paper emphasise sustainability while preserving the traditional high performance shape
of the board. The unique bio-based construction of this board makes this a sustainable
board with a low carbon footprint, a long life expectancy and minimized production waste.
We have begun to develop a 6”6 ft. surfboard. The construction is not only suitable
for surfboards but also for kite-wave boards, windsurfboards and SUP boards. The
chosen materials and innovative construction will be applied in standard mass

Brunotti Ambient bio based board 1

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05Jan 2016

Lonely Mountain Skis is a ski company based in Perthshire, Scotland. They build handmade custom skis that are a blend of traditional and modern materials and techniques. Currently having three ski shapes in their library, all  skis use a wood core surrounded by ampliTex flax fibres and carbon fibres.

Flax is an amazing natural fiber that is stronger than fibreglass and offers improved damping. The carbon enables our skis to be stiff where they need to whilst keeping the ski weight low. The down side of the carbon being its high vibration frequency, that the ampliTex flax brings down with increasing damping properties of the ski by up to 300%. The combination of ampliTex non-crimp flax fabrics + carbon fibres, is to date the most performing ski layup.

Furthermore, skis are glued together with Entropy Resins’ Super Sap epoxy resin, especially developed as an amazingly elastic and durable ski resin that is derived from sustainable sources.


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21Dec 2015

The Italian shaper from Passion Handcraft choose to use more sustainable materials to build his boards. Not only a direct benefit for planet earth but also for the surfer who enjoys superior performances. The kitesurf board’s deck reinforcement patches are made of ampliTex SURF flax fabrics. A tough material that also provides better vibration damping property, for a more comfortable ride and higher resistance to dings. AmpliTex SURF are low twist, light, high performance flax cloths, specialy developped to answer surf’s industry specific needs. To complete the layup, Passion Handcraft uses Entropy SuperSap resins, a high performance, bio based resin.


More info about AMPLITEX

More info about SUPERSAP

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26Nov 2015

Founded in 2003 by engineer/designer Alexandre Fougea, the brand Akonite features all kinds of gliding devices made of composites materials with a strong design identity and eco consciousness. The last addition to their range is a cruiser skateboard with a stunning look, ideal for all urban commutes.

Akonite has used ampliTex flax fabrics in their wood sandwich construction. The most performing natural fibre cloth available on the market with non-weaved structure. Flax is a truly sustainable fibre, produced in Europe, with superior mechanical properties than the high energy consuming glass fibres.

More info about AKONITE

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23Nov 2015

FUSTA skis are hand made in Auvergne, France, by 2 brothers passionated about nature and mountains. FUSTA claims top notch quality, highlights environmental consciousness and human values. Series are limited and customisable on demand. Their latest adition, named “chaudefour” is a free-touring orientated ski that weighs 1450grs for 90mm width waist. This weight saving is made possible by the use of bCore. A full balsa-wood core, reinforced with flax fibres laminates. The result is the lightest wood ski available on the market with superior behaviour and performance on snow.


Go check out Bcomp.ch for more info about bCores and Fusta.fr to get a pair of skis made with unique craftsmanship and soul.

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25Aug 2015

Australian surfboard Samsara innovates with using the first white flax cloth, ampliTex SURF.

Jason Wigger, Samsara surfboard’s owner and mechanical designer, is a South hemisphere true pioneer in term of sustainable surfboard manufacturing. He’s been experimenting ampliTex flax fabrics for quite a while now, finding superior properties than glass in terms of strength, resistance, weight and surf performance. He’s now wrapping up surfboards with the new ampliTex SURF flax fabrics, which is from the look, hard to differentiate from a standart glass cloth!

AmpliTex SURF are made of 100% renewable resource, flax. To be produced, the flax fibers consume 1/10 of the energy needed to produce the glass one’s. ampliTex are also engineered to be the most performing natural fibers on the market, answering the direct needs of surfboard industry. Now with a white color, from a sustainable whitening technology, the fabrics prevents wax melting from sun light and offers limitless design possibilities.

More info about Samsara Surfboards HERE

More info about ampliTex SURF HERE

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18Aug 2015

South Africa based company Hurricane Surf is experimenting new surfboard constructions with flax fibres cloth, ampliTex.
The ampliTex flax fabric, the most effective natural fibres currently on the market, fully sustainable, engineered with low twist for higher performances, makes the board significantly more resistant to surface pressure dents and also makes it really lively, resulting a surfboard that last longer and performs better!

The flax fabrics are laid by hand and resin coated, same process as glass fibers, the easiest and most common manufacturing process within the surf industry.

In terms of sustainability , to be produced, flax fibres require 10 times less energy than glass ones. They also 100% renewable, grown in Europe with little irrigation and fertalizer and free or GMO.

More info about Hurricane Surf HERE

More info about ampliTex HERE

photo 2

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17Aug 2015

Bcomp has collaborated with several academic partners (FHNW Brugg-Windisch, KU Leuven, FHNW St. Gallen) over several years to develop novel thermoplastic-flax prepregs, with the objective of matching the mechanical properties of flax-epoxy composites. In addition, thermoplastic matrices are tough and damage tolerant and offer the possibility of rapid processing.

Several application specific polymers were selected (stiffness, strength, strain or impact performance driven) and modified, comprising a cellulose derived thermoplastic and a co-polyoxymethylene (coPOM). As a first case study, a bicycle saddle sheet was produced with a brand new coPOM-ampliTex preform.

More info about ampliTex and Bcomp HERE

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