Monthly Archives: January 2012

Description The first full flax composite ski pole in the world has all it takes to revolutionize the industry: it combines the lightness, stiffness and strength of a carbon composite pole with higher impact resistance from the flax fibres.  In addition, the pole’s damping properties are multiplied by 3 when compared to its synthetic counterpart, […]

Description The AMPLID GREEN LIGHT PROJECT isn’t a sudden reaction to consumer demand. Since Amplid’s inception the company has strived to keep its negative impact on the environment to a minimum, after all it’s in our interest to keep the mountains white. Since day one our skis and snowboards have been manufactured by some of […]

Description ECO FRIENDLY – RECYCLED RAW MATERIAL PROJECT BY MOVEMENT SKIS January 2012 /FUTURE IS NOW / ISPO 2012 INTRODUCTION MOVEMENT SKIS is proud to introduce the new ski concept using almost exclusively natural and recycled raw materials. The proportion of recycled raw material used for our pilot construction project reached over 90%. MOVEMENT SKIS […]

Description The new zai pole was designed with a very clear objective in mind: use the best possible materials to obtain the most efficient tube both in terms of performance and sustainability. The result is a hybrid structure combining 50% of carbon fibres with their legendary stiffness and strength, with 50% of flax fibres for […]

  DESCRIPTION A high-performance freeride twin-tip ski with a revolutionary recycled/recyclable core material made from PET and natural Flax composites, resulting in reduced weight and reduced environmental impact with an increase in performance. The future of environmentally-conscious product design.

Description The Swiss manufacturer of top-quality skis has a strong reputation for using the finest materials in the ski industry, with a strong focus on locally sourced- and natural materials further improving the performance of their high-tech skis. No surprise they were amongst the first to adopt the BcompCores D120, a subtle combination of partly […]