The first full flax composite ski pole in the world has all it takes to revolutionize the industry: it combines the lightness, stiffness and strength of a carbon composite pole with higher impact resistance from the flax fibres. ┬áIn addition, the pole’s damping properties are multiplied by 3 when compared to its synthetic counterpart, translating into less vibrations and increased comfort for the skier.

18 months were necessary for the Black Crows team to identify the best flax fibres, and engineer the fully EU-made tube made from 60% bio-based material. The result is this highly innovative tool and the most sustainable pole on the market.


The flax plant currently generates the best natural fibres in terms of stiffness-per-weight ratio, clearly outperforming synthetic fibres such as glass and even carbon in some applications. Black Crows exclusively sources its fibres in Belgium and France where 90% of the global flax is grown. Flax requires very little water and fertilizers, grows in only 90 days to its final height, leading to a CO2-neutral life cycle of the flax fibre. Its unique combination of mechanical- and damping properties result in poles providing new and highly comfortable perception for the skier. The pole shaft is derived from Bcomp’s ABTube technology.

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You can admire the first full flax composite ski pole in the world @ ISPO 2012, Black Crows Hall A3 Booth 313

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