Monthly Archives: February 2013

When a core is machined from a classic wood plank, about half of the material is wasted, either by milling or grinding. All this material needs to be removed during machining, wasting a lot of machine time. Also, when high end material is used as for bCores, this represents significant waste of a valuable material. Finally, […]

The quality ski manufacturer Stöckli wins the ISPO Gold Award as best on piste ski with their next years “Spirit Otwo”. The Swiss ski builder uses ampliTex flax fiber fabrics as structural and dampening element in this model. The partly transparent top sheet allows the rider to see the high-tech fabrics beneath it. In the […]

Movement is an innovative freeski company which always pushes new ideas. This year, the company presents an eco-responsible freeski at ISPO 2013. The Apple safes the resources of our planet by using recycled or natural materials (over 90%!). The core for example, is made by Bcomp using recycled PET-foam reinforced with flax fiber webs. This […]

Mountain arty graphics will be on the “Push” and “Wake-Up” 2013/14 models out of the Mountain Wave kitchen. The fresh design just got awarded as “Best Design”.  The innovation doesn’t end with the top sheet – a super lightweight and robust balsa wood core is used which gives the ski a nimble and lively feeling […]

Idris Skis just won the ISPO Award for the “Best Ski off Piste” and was awarded  with the “Environmental Excellence” at the same time. The Chamonix based boutique ski factory is run by a couple with outstanding new ideas. The company is using  the wood from last year’s ISPO stand as core material and ampliTex […]