07Feb 2013


Idris Skis just won the ISPO Award for the “Best Ski off Piste” and was awarded  with the “Environmental Excellence” at the same time. The Chamonix based boutique ski factory is run by a couple with outstanding new ideas.

The company is using  the wood from last year’s ISPO stand as core material and ampliTex flax fiber fabrics, impregnated with a bio sourced epoxy resin as layup. All the skis are handmade in Chamonix. For the awarded model LYNX they have a capacity for just 250 pairs – so you better hurry up to get your hands on a pair of these sweet skis!

2 Responses to Idris Ski’s LYNX wins ISPO Award
  1. Idris skis ; Kiyoko February 7, 2013 at 10:33 pm Reply

    Thanks for mention Idris skis, but we are not Gold Award.
    We just got home, and Tom already went to bed. I’ll tell him give you proper information about award soon.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Kyioko, no need to worry if it’s a Gold Award or whatever. Toms Skis is the best that actually exists in the market concerning sustainability, style and technical background. That’s all that counts.
    Cheers from Bavaria, Steffen 😉


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