Monthly Archives: May 2014

The company Anticonf makes high quality boards in their Lausanne(CH) facility, with an higher environmental consciousness. Anticonf considers that all glass and carbon fibers, as all petrol based resins, are part of the stone age  and therefore banned them from their workshops. Anticonf exclusively works with natural flax fibers, ampliTex®, and bio-based resin. On top […]

The new HPC hockey sticks line, from Composites Busch, one of the leading manufacturer of high-performance composite materials, is now available on the market. These hockey sticks, flagships of Busch’s knowledge, set new benchmarks in ice hockey with an optimal feeling and unequaled vibration dampening. The hollow shaft is built of micro-sandwich flax-carbon composites. The […]

The Munich based custom ski manufacturer Sway is now using ampliTex® flax fibers in their proven carbon sandwich construction to improve dampening without adding weight. Since their foundation, sway is aiming to create lightweight freeride, touring and alpine skis without sacrificing performance or durability. “To us, sustainable production first means to create high quality skis […]

Samsara Surfboards, manufactures high-performance and traditional surfboards from the latest eco-friendly, sustainable hi-tech materials. Custom eco surfboards are their specialty and they’re well known to push the boundaries, delivering high performance craft with careful consideration to Mother Nature. Jason Wiggers, the owner of the boutique surfboard company, based in Victoria – Australia, is a passionate […]