Monthly Archives: December 2014

Akonite is successful french designer and ski manufacturer. The Digitalis is their brand new ski for 2015, a 100mm underfoot backcountry weapon. Here’s a preview of the beautifully handcrafted tool. This is the very first press of a limited and exclusive edition. Stay tuned, production is now on full swing and will be retailed really […]

The Revolución flax frame offers an innovative focus on performance and durability. The frame uses natural flax fibre composite, ampliTex, to provide performance similar to carbon in terms of weight and strength, with a reduction in cost. Among other benefits such as taking twenty-five times less energy to produce than carbon fibres for instance. Using […]

MAKAI BOARDS, a Swiss SUP company, introduces for 2015, 2 brand new boards, that will become their new flagship products. The 2 models are designed for alpine lake use, fairly wide and cruisy boards with a specific shape that provides a perfect glide and motion on water. MAKAI choose to use  ampliTEx® Light flax fabrics […]