23Nov 2015

FUSTA skis are hand made in Auvergne, France, by 2 brothers passionated about nature and mountains. FUSTA claims top notch quality, highlights environmental consciousness and human values. Series are limited and customisable on demand. Their latest adition, named “chaudefour” is a free-touring orientated ski that weighs 1450grs for 90mm width waist. This weight saving is made possible by the use of bCore. A full balsa-wood core, reinforced with flax fibres laminates. The result is the lightest wood ski available on the market with superior behaviour and performance on snow.


Go check out Bcomp.ch for more info about bCores and Fusta.fr to get a pair of skis made with unique craftsmanship and soul.

ski chaudefour


More info about bCores HERE

More info about Fusta HERE


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