28Oct 2016

Woodspirit idea is to return to the roots, to seek the original freesking spirit, by producing in an artisanal way.  Being as much respectful of the nature, while achieving the finest gliding devices. Unique and powerfull, built with noble and sustainable materials such as wood cores and ampliTex® flax fibers reforcement.

For this season Woodspirit focus on offering its customers, light and high performances skis by using bCores®. A certified FCS balsa plywood, reinforced with flax composite. The lightest wood core available on the market.

The skis are fully developed and assembled in Woodspirit workshop, in the Swiss Jura, in the small village of L’Isle. Woodspirit promotes  proximity and  local partners and materials. The Woodspirit team works with passion for passionate people.

More info about WOODSPIRIT

More info about AMPLITEX

More info about BCORES





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