03May 2017

Founded by passionate creatives and board sports enthusiasts dedicated to bring innovative ideas to life in most sustainable way possible. Inspired by nature and designed for the future, Rolkaz Collective’s goal is to combine high-quality natural materials with modern design and a heavy dose of performance.

The skateboard decks are a complete change and innovation in the way skateboards are made. Solely natural and sustainable materials from renewable resources, high performance plant based resine, 100% natural hemp and ampliTex flax fibers fabrics, which increase the damping properties for shock absorption and a smooth ride. This unique skateboard construction with awesome characteristics and enhanced performance, proves there is a sustainable and responsible choice.

Sustainable in both design and manufacturing, to reduce the environmental impact. Rolkaz  chose materials and processes that are the best in the industry from the environmental perspective. All the materials are locally grown and processed in Europe.

Two different optimized shapes that feature refined construction, premium riding experience – proving innovative alternatives to standard materials can maintain the highest level of performance.

Available on Kickstarter on May 3rd, 2017.

More info about AMPLITEX

More info about ROLKA  KICKSTARTER




More info about AMPLITEX


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