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Lonely Mountain Skis is a ski company based in Perthshire, Scotland. They build handmade custom skis that are a blend of traditional and modern materials and techniques. Currently having three ski shapes in their library, all  skis use a wood core surrounded by ampliTex flax fibres and carbon fibres. Flax is an amazing natural fiber […]

The Italian shaper from Passion Handcraft choose to use more sustainable materials to build his boards. Not only a direct benefit for planet earth but also for the surfer who enjoys superior performances. The kitesurf board’s deck reinforcement patches are made of ampliTex SURF flax fabrics. A tough material that also provides better vibration damping […]

Founded in 2003 by engineer/designer Alexandre Fougea, the brand Akonite features all kinds of gliding devices made of composites materials with a strong design identity and eco consciousness. The last addition to their range is a cruiser skateboard with a stunning look, ideal for all urban commutes. Akonite has used ampliTex flax fabrics in their […]

Australian surfboard Samsara innovates with using the first white flax cloth, ampliTex SURF. Jason Wigger, Samsara surfboard’s owner and mechanical designer, is a South hemisphere true pioneer in term of sustainable surfboard manufacturing. He’s been experimenting ampliTex flax fabrics for quite a while now, finding superior properties than glass in terms of strength, resistance, weight […]

South Africa based company Hurricane Surf is experimenting new surfboard constructions with flax fibres cloth, ampliTex. The ampliTex flax fabric, the most effective natural fibres currently on the market, fully sustainable, engineered with low twist for higher performances, makes the board significantly more resistant to surface pressure dents and also makes it really lively, resulting […]

Bcomp has collaborated with several academic partners (FHNW Brugg-Windisch, KU Leuven, FHNW St. Gallen) over several years to develop novel thermoplastic-flax prepregs, with the objective of matching the mechanical properties of flax-epoxy composites. In addition, thermoplastic matrices are tough and damage tolerant and offer the possibility of rapid processing. Several application specific polymers were selected […]

California based surfboard maker, E-Tech (Earth Technologies), the number one eco-friendly workshop in Norh America, just produced the most eco friendly SUP to date. E-Tech uses recycled EPS foam board blanks, Entropy Super Sap bio-resin instead of polyester resin and ampliTex flax cloth instead of fiber glass. A more environmentally friendly and durable SUP which […]

The Swiss brand Stöckli selects the very best materials to built its skis, which are worldwide reknowned as being next level in terms of manufacturing quality and finishing. During ISPO 15 Stöckli, introduced its 2016 ski line which includes numerous skis using the Core technology. bCore is the lightest wood core currently available on the […]

For 2016 Faction skis, will keep on producing the multi award winning Candide’s ski serie, with playful, freestyle all-mountain skiing in mind. Apart from some shape modifications, the Candide’s line is still built with the only core able to put up with the massive airs and impacts taken by the freeski super-star: bCores. bCore is […]

The Black-Crows flagship, the Nocta, big twin-tip backcountry slayer, comes back for 2016 with a dramatic loss of weight. The upcoming version is 1kg lighter than now! This has been made possible thanks to the use of bCores, a balsa plywood core for unparalleled lightness. reinforced by flax fiber composites webs for higher fatigue properties […]

K2 skis, has always been a leading company in terms of innovative shapes and ski constructions, being at the for front of emerging tendences. True to its reputation, K2 innovates once again, with launching for 2016 a ski made specifically for the free-touring European market. Specifications of such ski is unparalleled lightness with unparalleled downhill […]

More ski brands are displaying flax fibres layup, ampliTex, instead of the traditionaly used glass fibres. Indeed, flax is a very sustainable material, much nicer to handle to work with than glass, no skin iritation, no harmfull dust, which are the first reasons why people love to work with it. From a technical point of […]

Nemesis, Wild Belle, Belle to Belle, here are the names of three beauties, featured by Nordica during Munich ISPO 2015, which will be part of their 2016 ski collection. This all mountain orientated ski range, has been designed to answer women needs for a easy-to-drive ski, performing on all types of terrain, with a light […]

The biggest snow sport fair of North America is a wrap and it has been the occasion to have a glimpse some of the upcoming innovations in 2016, within the ski industry. Salt Lake City based ski builder, Kitten Factory, with 14 years of experience producing skis, is known for making carbon layup skis, with […]

The Swiss ski manufacturer Earlybird, is awarded by the ISPO 15/16 gold award  in the category ski touring, with the ski called Jackdaw. Earlybird skis combines the latest eco-responsible rawmaterials to build skis at highest performance. They make no compromises. They combine regional swiss wood in a triplewood skicore, natural flax-fibres ampliTex® instead of carbon […]

French skateboard manufacturer O’clock, launches a new ultra light serie of its model “the Faguette”, using flax fibers composites. To drop the weight without compromising the performances, O’clock uses a core made of an ultra light balsa ply-wood, reinforced by flax shear webs. bCore D200, currently the lightest wood core available on the market. This […]

The company Anticonf makes high quality boards in their Lausanne(CH) facility, with an higher environmental consciousness. Anticonf considers that all glass and carbon fibers, as all petrol based resins, are part of the stone age  and therefore banned them from their workshops. Anticonf exclusively works with natural flax fibers, ampliTex®, and bio-based resin. On top […]

The new HPC hockey sticks line, from Composites Busch, one of the leading manufacturer of high-performance composite materials, is now available on the market. These hockey sticks, flagships of Busch’s knowledge, set new benchmarks in ice hockey with an optimal feeling and unequaled vibration dampening. The hollow shaft is built of micro-sandwich flax-carbon composites. The […]

The Munich based custom ski manufacturer Sway is now using ampliTex® flax fibers in their proven carbon sandwich construction to improve dampening without adding weight. Since their foundation, sway is aiming to create lightweight freeride, touring and alpine skis without sacrificing performance or durability. “To us, sustainable production first means to create high quality skis […]

Samsara Surfboards, manufactures high-performance and traditional surfboards from the latest eco-friendly, sustainable hi-tech materials. Custom eco surfboards are their specialty and they’re well known to push the boundaries, delivering high performance craft with careful consideration to Mother Nature. Jason Wiggers, the owner of the boutique surfboard company, based in Victoria – Australia, is a passionate […]

Blackbird Guitars launched a sustainably crafted game-changer ukulele named Clara! Clara is made of ampliTex®, flax cloth, a renewable material that provides warm, ‘vintage’ sound and feel, with the toughness of carbon fiber. The result is a revolutionary concert ukulele with the tone of vintage wood and the durability of cutting-edge, eco-friendly construction. Meticulously crafted […]

You gonna take a new look at ski poles, from now on! The Swedish company KANG has totally thought outside of the box by taking ski poles up to a brand new level of design. On top of mastering a slick look and high quality conception, KANG choosed to use a 22mm diameter carbon/flax tube, […]

In’Bô is the story of five engineers wo met on school benches and  gathered around two passions: woodworking and outdoor sports. The society InBox has been successfully launched, thanks to an overwhelming crowdfunding. Today, the company produces beautifully handcrafted, high quality skateboards, bikes, sunglasses with unique looks and performances! Wood is a material that they […]

From Eric Pollard’s brain, iconic american freeskier, comes an impossibly light powder ski with futuristic materials and over 15 years of powder ski development behind it. Being the tool of choice for Eric, the ski is made to float on deep pow, or to catch air time with style. For season 14/15, the pro-model, the […]

Description The AMPLID GREEN LIGHT PROJECT isn’t a sudden reaction to consumer demand. Since Amplid’s inception the company has strived to keep its negative impact on the environment to a minimum, after all it’s in our interest to keep the mountains white. Since day one our skis and snowboards have been manufactured by some of […]