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Founded by passionate creatives and board sports enthusiasts dedicated to bring innovative ideas to life in most sustainable way possible. Inspired by nature and designed for the future, Rolkaz Collective’s goal is to combine high-quality natural materials with modern design and a heavy dose of performance. The skateboard decks are a complete change and innovation in […]

Woodspirit idea is to return to the roots, to seek the original freesking spirit, by producing in an artisanal way.  Being as much respectful of the nature, while achieving the finest gliding devices. Unique and powerfull, built with noble and sustainable materials such as wood cores and ampliTex® flax fibers reforcement. For this season Woodspirit […]

E-Tech is an award winning environmentally friendly high performance surfboard and stand up paddleboard factory, that is the first of its kind in the world. Co-owners Todd Patterson and Ryan Harris opened their shop with one mission in mind: To demonstrate to the greater surfing community that there are greener and more sustainable surfboard production […]

The Ambient bio-based honeycomb paper board is made of mostly natural materials from renewable resources and a low carbon footprint. The blank is made of 75% recycled honeycomb paper with EPS rails. It is laminated with Bcomb ampliTex SURF natural flax fabric and the glassing is done with Entropy Resin’s bio-epoxy. The visible natural fibres […]

FUSTA skis are hand made in Auvergne, France, by 2 brothers passionated about nature and mountains. FUSTA claims top notch quality, highlights environmental consciousness and human values. Series are limited and customisable on demand. Their latest adition, named “chaudefour” is a free-touring orientated ski that weighs 1450grs for 90mm width waist. This weight saving is […]

DOWN SKIS, is a Europen based company, dedicated to create originally designed high quality freeride and freestyle skis, notably beiing knowed through their distintive carbon layup’s construction. For 2016 Down has totally redesigned its ski range by incorporating ampliTex flax fibres fabrics within their originally carbon layups. The purpose is to add damping to the […]

JY surfboards are built to last, with less environmental impact, locally produced and custom made. Running a surfboard repair shop, since 2006, Julian Yoshi noticed a change in the industry. Quality-wise, boards were not getting any better. Board design still evolves, but the production of surfboards is more centralised then ever. “After being fed up […]

The german Stand Up Paddle brand, Hu’Chu, has presented during the JEC show in Paris a new model with a layup made entirely with bio-based materials. It contains ampliTex flax fiber light fabrics coating and Entropy SuperSap bio-sourced resin. Daniel Roesner the shaper of Hu Chu boards is devoted to use of the most performing […]

The Utah based ski brand, DPS, proudly welcomes a new construction, called Tour1,  that prioritizes a feathery weigh-in simultaneously delivering a high-performance descent. A specialized beast infused with DPS renowned torsional stiffness, power, and craftsmanship. Already 3 models of ski feature the brand new TOUR 1 construction. To outperform the performances of their allready well […]

The young Bern based ski manufacturer Earlybird Skis combines all available eco-responsible materials to build high performance and lightweight freeride touring skis.  They use ampliTex® flax fibres, biobased entropyresins® epoxy, regional wood for the cores and top sheets, a recycled P-Tex race base and a 100% biobased ski wax. More info about Early Bird Skis HERE More info about ampliTex® […]

Akonite is successful french designer and ski manufacturer. The Digitalis is their brand new ski for 2015, a 100mm underfoot backcountry weapon. Here’s a preview of the beautifully handcrafted tool. This is the very first press of a limited and exclusive edition. Stay tuned, production is now on full swing and will be retailed really […]

The Revolución flax frame offers an innovative focus on performance and durability. The frame uses natural flax fibre composite, ampliTex, to provide performance similar to carbon in terms of weight and strength, with a reduction in cost. Among other benefits such as taking twenty-five times less energy to produce than carbon fibres for instance. Using […]

MAKAI BOARDS, a Swiss SUP company, introduces for 2015, 2 brand new boards, that will become their new flagship products. The 2 models are designed for alpine lake use, fairly wide and cruisy boards with a specific shape that provides a perfect glide and motion on water. MAKAI choose to use  ampliTEx® Light flax fabrics […]

Archer Cork Skateboards has produced a vibration reducing cork composite skateboard. This board was developed to raise awareness that composites can be responsible to the environment as well as a performance product. Skateboards have always traditionally been wood, or composite carbon, but Archer decided to use Amorim’s CoreCork, and reinforce it with bComp Amplitex Flax […]

Australian surf shaper/manufacturer, ECS was formed in 2005 with one vision in mind, “to bring high quality performance boards to the market at reasonable prices”. Today ECS pursues its motto with the launch of a brand new technologie called Flex Fusion which blends carbon fibres with flax fibres, AmpliTex® Light, to create lighter and more […]

The crew of the Australien skate brand Archer, are not just composites technicians, they also surfed their whole life and skate a lot on flat days. This background helped them to develop two smart skate decks in combining ampliTex ® flax fabrics with cork: The construction of all Archer Cork Skateboards has evolved from extensive […]

For next year, the Swiss ski manufacturer, known for his high quality products, launches 3 new skis with super light construction. Stöckli found the right material by using the D200 bCore. This core is made of a FSC certified balsa wood, renforced with ecological flax from Europe. It’s the lightest wood-core currently on the market […]

Flax has unique vibration damping properties that are optimised within ampliTex® fabrics range.The most performing flax fibers fabrics available on the market! Flax has 5 times more damping than glass or carbon fibers. ampliTex® flax fabrics made a perfect match for Whitedot skis, who were allready using a carbon layup. Carbon being stiff but also, […]

The Carbon Megawatt ski, new flagship of Black Diamond’s deep snow quiver, wins the ISPO award as best freeride ski. This legendary powder specialty ski has been trimmed down of some weight. The new 120mm waisted Carbon Megawatt weighs only 1710g @188cm, without sacrificing strength or performance. The Megawatt is part of serie of 3 […]

VE Paddles is a British company driven by elite paddlers with backgrounds in composite engineering and advanced design. Setting the goal of  creating a performing paddle made of natural fibre composites, VE Paddles came out with a 100% flax-reinforced blade mounted on a standard fibreglass-reinforced shaft. The paddle went to the 2013 Paddle Expo in […]

Radical – a boutique Swiss Snowboard manufacturer – produces an ultra-light split board with only 2.75KG. The Lion split board helps you to climb much easier, but guarantees also a fun downhill. A tip rocker with traditional camber and torsion reinforcements gives the board optimal powder lift combined with very good stability and edge grip. […]

In the surf industry several brands made boards in a sustainable way. But for the first time the benefits of natural fibers have been utilized to create a twintip kiteboard. Manufactured by the Swiss custom board brand FFC, this new concept offers several benefits for the customers: The weight reduction gives this board a nimble […]

When a core is machined from a classic wood plank, about half of the material is wasted, either by milling or grinding. All this material needs to be removed during machining, wasting a lot of machine time. Also, when high end material is used as for bCores, this represents significant waste of a valuable material. Finally, […]

The quality ski manufacturer Stöckli wins the ISPO Gold Award as best on piste ski with their next years “Spirit Otwo”. The Swiss ski builder uses ampliTex flax fiber fabrics as structural and dampening element in this model. The partly transparent top sheet allows the rider to see the high-tech fabrics beneath it. In the […]

Movement is an innovative freeski company which always pushes new ideas. This year, the company presents an eco-responsible freeski at ISPO 2013. The Apple safes the resources of our planet by using recycled or natural materials (over 90%!). The core for example, is made by Bcomp using recycled PET-foam reinforced with flax fiber webs. This […]

Mountain arty graphics will be on the “Push” and “Wake-Up” 2013/14 models out of the Mountain Wave kitchen. The fresh design just got awarded as “Best Design”.  The innovation doesn’t end with the top sheet – a super lightweight and robust balsa wood core is used which gives the ski a nimble and lively feeling […]

Idris Skis just won the ISPO Award for the “Best Ski off Piste” and was awarded  with the “Environmental Excellence” at the same time. The Chamonix based boutique ski factory is run by a couple with outstanding new ideas. The company is using  the wood from last year’s ISPO stand as core material and ampliTex […]

The AMRC Composite Centre (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) is part of the University of  Sheffield with Boeing. Its research focuses on the production and machining of composite components, including hybrid parts which combine high-performance metals and composites in a single structure. Lately, they came up with some great innovation within the snowboard construction, for a […]

  Description Idris is a ski brand based in the Alps mecca : Chamonix. Tom the founder, handcrafts each pair of these high quality skis by bringing them the highest finition. He is passionate with a big knowledge of the ski manufacturing and history. A particular attention is put on using the best and more […]

Few Words – Candide Thovex   The prodigy flying french man is back on screens with the teaser for his new video coming out at fall. A two years filming project that might again set up ski boundaries to a new level. To perform Candide has trusted the company Faction to develop a new range […]

Description The first full flax composite ski pole in the world has all it takes to revolutionize the industry: it combines the lightness, stiffness and strength of a carbon composite pole with higher impact resistance from the flax fibres.  In addition, the pole’s damping properties are multiplied by 3 when compared to its synthetic counterpart, […]

Description ECO FRIENDLY – RECYCLED RAW MATERIAL PROJECT BY MOVEMENT SKIS January 2012 /FUTURE IS NOW / ISPO 2012 INTRODUCTION MOVEMENT SKIS is proud to introduce the new ski concept using almost exclusively natural and recycled raw materials. The proportion of recycled raw material used for our pilot construction project reached over 90%. MOVEMENT SKIS […]

Description The new zai pole was designed with a very clear objective in mind: use the best possible materials to obtain the most efficient tube both in terms of performance and sustainability. The result is a hybrid structure combining 50% of carbon fibres with their legendary stiffness and strength, with 50% of flax fibres for […]

  DESCRIPTION A high-performance freeride twin-tip ski with a revolutionary recycled/recyclable core material made from PET and natural Flax composites, resulting in reduced weight and reduced environmental impact with an increase in performance. The future of environmentally-conscious product design.

Description The Swiss manufacturer of top-quality skis has a strong reputation for using the finest materials in the ski industry, with a strong focus on locally sourced- and natural materials further improving the performance of their high-tech skis. No surprise they were amongst the first to adopt the BcompCores D120, a subtle combination of partly […]