13Feb 2013

When a core is machined from a classic wood plank, about half of the material is wasted, either by milling or grinding. All this material needs to be removed during machining, wasting a lot of machine time. Also, when high end material is used as for bCores, this represents significant waste of a valuable material. Finally, reducing the waste by 50% simply reduces the environmental impact of the product by 50%.

Faction is using this near net-shape technology for their next years Agent and Candide models.


Jon Clary Davies from Powder Magazine says the following about Faction Candide 4.0:

“At the 2013 Powder Awards, Candide Thovex told me how much fun he was having on a new ski. Called the Candide 4.0, it’s the newest ski in Faction’s Candide Thovex Superlight Series. Thovex said it was the best ski he’s ever been on. Not known for his hyperbole, I was intrigued. The 4.0 has similar dimensions to the highly-popular Royale, but has a firmer flex and a lightweight patent-pending balsa/flax hybrid core, which makes it 20 percent lighter than the Royale. Candide, you (still) have our attention.”

13Feb 2013

The quality ski manufacturer Stöckli wins the ISPO Gold Award as best on piste ski with their next years “Spirit Otwo”. The Swiss ski builder uses ampliTex flax fiber fabrics as structural and dampening element in this model. The partly transparent top sheet allows the rider to see the high-tech fabrics beneath it.

In the off piste segment, Stöckli  launched the solid Stormrider in a “100mm under foot version”. The fusion of  Titanal and ultralight balsa wood bCores creates a 1.8 kilo light ski, perfectly shaped for the backcountry.

11Feb 2013

Movement is an innovative freeski company which always pushes new ideas. This year, the company presents an eco-responsible freeski at ISPO 2013. The Apple safes the resources of our planet by using recycled or natural materials (over 90%!). The core for example, is made by Bcomp using recycled PET-foam reinforced with flax fiber webs. This ski shows that performance and sustainability work perfectly hand in hand.
You can bite in the Green Apple next season – a superlight performing all mountain ski.

07Feb 2013


Idris Skis just won the ISPO Award for the “Best Ski off Piste” and was awarded  with the “Environmental Excellence” at the same time. The Chamonix based boutique ski factory is run by a couple with outstanding new ideas.

The company is using  the wood from last year’s ISPO stand as core material and ampliTex flax fiber fabrics, impregnated with a bio sourced epoxy resin as layup. All the skis are handmade in Chamonix. For the awarded model LYNX they have a capacity for just 250 pairs – so you better hurry up to get your hands on a pair of these sweet skis!

20Aug 2012



Idris is a ski brand based in the Alps mecca : Chamonix. Tom the founder, handcrafts each pair of these high quality skis by bringing them the highest finition. He is passionate with a big knowledge of the ski manufacturing and history. A particular attention is put on using the best and more durable material available like recycled wood cores and flax fiber, to make sure your ski will endure the elements. Tom, as a true professional and ski lover that he’s, makes sure that all his creations will work smooth, by taking a lift up Aiguille du Midi, to give them a first ride down some of the steepest slopes of the Alpes.

Learn more on their webpage.

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04May 2012


The prodigy flying french man is back on screens with the teaser for his new video coming out at fall. A two years filming project that might again set up ski boundaries to a new level.

To perform Candide has trusted the company Faction to develop a new range of skis combining high performance and lightness. New Candide’s pro models include a revolutionary recycled/recyclable core material made from PET and natural Flax composites, resulting in reduced weight and reduced environmental impact with an increase in performance. The future of environmentally-conscious product design.



27Jan 2012


The first full flax composite ski pole in the world has all it takes to revolutionize the industry: it combines the lightness, stiffness and strength of a carbon composite pole with higher impact resistance from the flax fibres.  In addition, the pole’s damping properties are multiplied by 3 when compared to its synthetic counterpart, translating into less vibrations and increased comfort for the skier. Continue reading

27Jan 2012


The AMPLID GREEN LIGHT PROJECT isn’t a sudden reaction to consumer demand. Since Amplid’s inception the company has strived to keep its negative impact on the environment to a minimum, after all it’s in our interest to keep the mountains white. Since day one our skis and snowboards have been manufactured by some of the most environmentally forward thinking factories in the EU. We’ve kept our carbon footprint as small as possible by sourcing all of our raw materials within a 400km radius of our factories. Continue reading

27Jan 2012


MOVEMENT SKIS is proud to introduce the new ski concept using almost exclusively natural and recycled raw materials. The proportion of recycled raw material used for our pilot construction project reached over 90%. MOVEMENT SKIS mission is to maintain the same renowned Continue reading