02Dec 2013

Flax composite paddle by VE Paddles Flax composite paddle by VE Paddles

VE Paddles is a British company driven by elite paddlers with backgrounds in composite engineering and advanced design. Setting the goal of  creating a performing paddle made of natural fibre composites, VE Paddles came out with a 100% flax-reinforced blade mounted on a standard fibreglass-reinforced shaft.

The paddle went to the 2013 Paddle Expo in Nürnburg where it received a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the attendees.

On the last sunny day of 2013, the paddle was took to the Bodensee in a sea kayak to give the paddles their maiden voyage. First impressions from VE Paddles are really positive: “I was worried the paddle would seem flexible in comparison to a regular composite blade, but the paddle feels stiff and responsive, easily as stiff as a fibreglass, if not carbon, blade. Interestingly, the flax paddle is also slightly lighter than a standard fibreglass model. The blades also have a really unique and beautiful look. This ‘natural’ look and flax’s eco-credentials will certainly appeal to a certain type of consumer.”


VE Paddles.com

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