03May 2017

Founded by passionate creatives and board sports enthusiasts dedicated to bring innovative ideas to life in most sustainable way possible. Inspired by nature and designed for the future, Rolkaz Collective’s goal is to combine high-quality natural materials with modern design and a heavy dose of performance.

The skateboard decks are a complete change and innovation in the way skateboards are made. Solely natural and sustainable materials from renewable resources, high performance plant based resine, 100% natural hemp and ampliTex flax fibers fabrics, which increase the damping properties for shock absorption and a smooth ride. This unique skateboard construction with awesome characteristics and enhanced performance, proves there is a sustainable and responsible choice.

Sustainable in both design and manufacturing, to reduce the environmental impact. Rolkaz  chose materials and processes that are the best in the industry from the environmental perspective. All the materials are locally grown and processed in Europe.

Two different optimized shapes that feature refined construction, premium riding experience – proving innovative alternatives to standard materials can maintain the highest level of performance.

Available on Kickstarter on May 3rd, 2017.

More info about AMPLITEX

More info about ROLKA  KICKSTARTER

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26Nov 2015

Founded in 2003 by engineer/designer Alexandre Fougea, the brand Akonite features all kinds of gliding devices made of composites materials with a strong design identity and eco consciousness. The last addition to their range is a cruiser skateboard with a stunning look, ideal for all urban commutes.

Akonite has used ampliTex flax fabrics in their wood sandwich construction. The most performing natural fibre cloth available on the market with non-weaved structure. Flax is a truly sustainable fibre, produced in Europe, with superior mechanical properties than the high energy consuming glass fibres.

More info about AKONITE

More info about ampliTex


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22Oct 2014

Archer Cork Skateboards has produced a vibration reducing cork composite skateboard. This board was developed to raise awareness that composites can be responsible to the environment as well as a performance product. Skateboards have always traditionally been wood, or composite carbon, but Archer decided to use Amorim’s CoreCork, and reinforce it with bComp Amplitex Flax fabrics, and infuse it with Sicomin GreenPoxy. The result was a laminate that displayed an extraordinary reduction in vibration, creating a smooth ride for the skater, and a true performance benefit, without the use of any traditional materials and proving there is a sustainable, responsible choice, without sacrificing performance.

More about Archer Cork Skateboards HERE

More about Amorim Cork Composites HERE

More info about ampliTex flax fabrics HERE

More info about Sicomin GreenPoxy HERE

Archer cruisers MK4 032lowresLogo Award Winner White low

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29Jul 2014

French skateboard manufacturer O’clock, launches a new ultra light serie of its model “the Faguette”, using flax fibers composites.

To drop the weight without compromising the performances, O’clock uses a core made of an ultra light balsa ply-wood, reinforced by flax shear webs. bCore D200, currently the lightest wood core available on the market. This core, is wrapped in a composite lay-up, which blends traditional carbon fibers to flax fibers / the stiffness of carbon fibers, to the outstanding damping properties of flax fibers, ampliTex.

The result is a board which is 400 gr lighter, with better control and better overall riding properties!

More about bCore for skateboard HERE

More about ampliTex HERE

More about O’Clock Skateboard  HERE 1907384_649223631835115_2694559169901587043_n

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27May 2014

The company Anticonf makes high quality boards in their Lausanne(CH) facility, with an higher environmental consciousness.
Anticonf considers that all glass and carbon fibers, as all petrol based resins, are part of the stone age  and therefore banned them from their workshops. Anticonf exclusively works with natural flax fibers, ampliTex®, and bio-based resin.

On top of being sustainable and innovative, Anticonf boards are made lighter thanks to flax fibers, which are lighter and have more stiffness than glass fiber.  The ampliTex® ensures a bulletproof construction with an optimal torsional flex. Designed to endure the use and abuses through the time, Anticonform boards don’t snap and are also not sensitive to moisture environment, thanks to a special natural wax treatment!

Learn more about Anticonf HERE

Learn more about ampliTex® HERE



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05Mar 2014

In’Bô is the story of five engineers wo met on school benches and  gathered around two passions: woodworking and outdoor sports. The society InBox has been successfully launched, thanks to an overwhelming crowdfunding. Today, the company produces beautifully handcrafted, high quality skateboards, bikes, sunglasses with unique looks and performances!

Wood is a material that they learned to master. They also play with natural fibers to mix strength and aesthetics. They’re longboards use flax fabrics,  ampliTex®.
The incorporation of flax fibers in the composition of their board, increases resistance to bending and holds the flex over time, while preserving the good behavior of the skateboard.

More about In’Bo HERE

More about ampliTex HERE


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16Feb 2014

The crew of the Australien skate brand Archer, are not just composites technicians, they also surfed their whole life and skate a lot on flat days. This background helped them to develop two smart skate decks in combining ampliTex ® flax fabrics with cork:

The construction of all Archer Cork Skateboards has evolved from extensive research and development to find the perfect laminate materials which all complement each other.
The street deck is a carefully constructed laminate using multiple materials all with their own unique characteristics.
A combination of cork at its core, with flax and carbon layers, infused together with a Bio based Epoxy matrix.

More about ampliTex HERE

More about Archer HERE


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