28Oct 2016

Woodspirit idea is to return to the roots, to seek the original freesking spirit, by producing in an artisanal way.  Being as much respectful of the nature, while achieving the finest gliding devices. Unique and powerfull, built with noble and sustainable materials such as wood cores and ampliTex® flax fibers reforcement.

For this season Woodspirit focus on offering its customers, light and high performances skis by using bCores®. A certified FCS balsa plywood, reinforced with flax composite. The lightest wood core available on the market.

The skis are fully developed and assembled in Woodspirit workshop, in the Swiss Jura, in the small village of L’Isle. Woodspirit promotes  proximity and  local partners and materials. The Woodspirit team works with passion for passionate people.

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05Jan 2016

Lonely Mountain Skis is a ski company based in Perthshire, Scotland. They build handmade custom skis that are a blend of traditional and modern materials and techniques. Currently having three ski shapes in their library, all  skis use a wood core surrounded by ampliTex flax fibres and carbon fibres.

Flax is an amazing natural fiber that is stronger than fibreglass and offers improved damping. The carbon enables our skis to be stiff where they need to whilst keeping the ski weight low. The down side of the carbon being its high vibration frequency, that the ampliTex flax brings down with increasing damping properties of the ski by up to 300%. The combination of ampliTex non-crimp flax fabrics + carbon fibres, is to date the most performing ski layup.

Furthermore, skis are glued together with Entropy Resins’ Super Sap epoxy resin, especially developed as an amazingly elastic and durable ski resin that is derived from sustainable sources.


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23Nov 2015

FUSTA skis are hand made in Auvergne, France, by 2 brothers passionated about nature and mountains. FUSTA claims top notch quality, highlights environmental consciousness and human values. Series are limited and customisable on demand. Their latest adition, named “chaudefour” is a free-touring orientated ski that weighs 1450grs for 90mm width waist. This weight saving is made possible by the use of bCore. A full balsa-wood core, reinforced with flax fibres laminates. The result is the lightest wood ski available on the market with superior behaviour and performance on snow.


Go check out for more info about bCores and to get a pair of skis made with unique craftsmanship and soul.

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29Jun 2015

DOWN SKIS, is a Europen based company, dedicated to create originally designed high quality freeride and freestyle skis, notably beiing knowed through their distintive carbon layup’s construction.

For 2016 Down has totally redesigned its ski range by incorporating ampliTex flax fibres fabrics within their originally carbon layups. The purpose is to add damping to the carbon fibres, which are stiff but also really vibrating material on the down side, making carbon skis loosing their efficiently and comfort on icy and choppy snow conditions. The ampliTex flax natural fibres increase the damping properties by up to a factor 3, which makes them the best match to carbon layers, in order to keep a smooth ride down the hill, while being lighter than glass at equal flexural stiffness. On top of unique properties, ampliTex flax fabrics are harmless for the workers, coming from a sustainable plant that needs no irrigation, no fertiliser and is free of GMO.

We can say that carbon + ampliTex flax fibres, is the most efficient sandwich layup, as showed in below picture.


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26Feb 2015

The Swiss brand Stöckli selects the very best materials to built its skis, which are worldwide reknowned as being next level in terms of manufacturing quality and finishing. During ISPO 15 Stöckli, introduced its 2016 ski line which includes numerous skis using the Core technology.

bCore is the lightest wood core currently available on the market. To answer Stöckli’s need of high downhill performances, the light plywood core is reinforced with flax fibres sheer webs, which provide the ski great reactivity and high fatigue properties. The patented technology offers what was until now just a dream: the combination of lightness and superior performances.

More about Stöckli HERE

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25Feb 2015

For 2016 Faction skis, will keep on producing the multi award winning Candide’s ski serie, with playful, freestyle all-mountain skiing in mind. Apart from some shape modifications, the Candide’s line is still built with the only core able to put up with the massive airs and impacts taken by the freeski super-star: bCores. bCore is a patented technology that associate the lightest wood, a balsa plywood, to the most performing natural fiber composites, ampliTex.
This breakthrough ski core technology will also equip women’s ski from next year, in a 108mm width, free-touring orientated model : the Supertonic. Again, lightness will merge high downhill performances in these upcoming models.

More info about Faction HERE

More info about bCores HERE


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24Feb 2015

The Black-Crows flagship, the Nocta, big twin-tip backcountry slayer, comes back for 2016 with a dramatic loss of weight. The upcoming version is 1kg lighter than now! This has been made possible thanks to the use of bCores, a balsa plywood core for unparalleled lightness. reinforced by flax fiber composites webs for higher fatigue properties and great performances on the downhill.

More about Black-Crows HERE

More about bCores HERE


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19Feb 2015

K2 skis, has always been a leading company in terms of innovative shapes and ski constructions, being at the for front of emerging tendences.
True to its reputation, K2 innovates once again, with launching for 2016 a ski made specifically for the free-touring European market. Specifications of such ski is unparalleled lightness with unparalleled downhill performances. You want to reach the top with ease and be able to go through any type of terrain at any speed with comfort and the same ease on the downhill.
To reach such performances level K2 has chosen to use bCores, a balsa plywood for the lightness reinforced by flax fibers composite sheer webs for the mechanical performances. Light, high fatigue properties, great response, all in one!
Availaible season 15/16, Men’s model is called Wayback while Women have the Talkback.


More info about K2 HERE

More info about bCores HERE

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18Feb 2015

More ski brands are displaying flax fibres layup, ampliTex, instead of the traditionaly used glass fibres.

Indeed, flax is a very sustainable material, much nicer to handle to work with than glass, no skin iritation, no harmfull dust, which are the first reasons why people love to work with it. From a technical point of view, flax present some major advantages, like being lighter than glass at equal stiffness. You can use as little as half the weight of your glass layup to obtain equivalent properties. Flax fibres have also 5 times better dampening properties than glass, which makes the ski nicer to drive with an harmonized flex.

SWAY (finalist 2115 ISPO award) – IDRIS (2013 ISPO gold winner, category offiste) – EARLYBIRD (2015 ISPO gold winner, category touring)

Judging by the amount of awards won by these small sized manufacturers, ampliTex flax fabrics is ranking up to become a leading layup technology!

More info about Sway HERE

More info about Idris HERE

More info about Earlybird HERE

More info about ampliTex® HERE


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12Feb 2015

Nemesis, Wild Belle, Belle to Belle, here are the names of three beauties, featured by Nordica during Munich ISPO 2015, which will be part of their 2016 ski collection.

This all mountain orientated ski range, has been designed to answer women needs for a easy-to-drive ski, performing on all types of terrain, with a light weight. The sum of these properties has been doable thanks to the use of bCores. The lightest wood core currently available on the market. The bCore is made of a plywood of balsa and reinforced by natural fibre composites sheer webs.

More info about Nordica HERE

More info about bCores HERE


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