12Feb 2014

MTN APPROACH, a company based in  Idaho (USA), provides unique tools for snowboarders, to ease the backcountry access.

Approach mini-skis with fixed skins on the base, are used on the way up, as standard touring skis. On the way down, an ingenious hinge system folds them in 2, to easily fit in the backpack! To make up and down even more enjoyable, weight is a crucial point!

MTN APPROACH use a PET core, reinforced with flax fibers composite, bCore – D120. The material is twice lighter than the lightest wood used in the industry and provide excellent fatigue properties thanks to its patented flax reinforcement construction. It’s next level!

More info about MTN APPROACH HERE

More info about bCore – D120 HERE


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17Oct 2013

Radical – a boutique Swiss Snowboard manufacturer – produces an ultra-light split board with only 2.75KG.

The Lion split board helps you to climb much easier, but guarantees also a fun downhill. A tip rocker with traditional camber and torsion reinforcements gives the board optimal powder lift combined with very good stability and edge grip. Thanks to the Lion shape it’s very easily and playfully to ride, even in worst circumstances. The lightest split board of the world is hand made with Radical’s newest Super Light Technology: Several layers of Carbon and Kevlar get wrapped around a FSC certified balsa wood core, which is enforced with ecological flax from Europe.

08Jan 2013

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The AMRC Composite Centre (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) is part of the University of  Sheffield with Boeing. Its research focuses on the production and machining of composite components, including hybrid parts which combine high-performance metals and composites in a single structure. Lately, they came up with some great innovation within the snowboard construction, for a greener ride.

The Primary Materials used in the snowboard are: Flax fibre / Epoxy-cashew nut resin (70% epoxy, 30% cashew nut oil – a waste product from the shells of the nuts) / bCore (recycled PET core reinforced by flax fiber composite)

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10Oct 2012





Serge Dupraz est le pionnier du snowboard Européen, depuis 1984 il shape et fabrique des planches. Une activité qu’il a étendu au ski ces dernières années, non sans succès puisqu’il remporte l’ISPO Award en 2012 grâce à des shapes révolutionnaires directement inspirés du surf d’eau. Les produits de la gamme DUPRAZ sont aujourd’hui appréciés par les amateurs de beaux produits, comme par les pratiquants les plus exigeants. Aujourd’hui DUPRAZ SNOWBOARD lance le premier split-board de sa gamme, la D-tour, et va encore plus loin dans l’innovation et la conception. Le D-tour, intègre un noyaux révolutionnaire plus respectueux de l’environnement. Continue reading

27Jan 2012


The AMPLID GREEN LIGHT PROJECT isn’t a sudden reaction to consumer demand. Since Amplid’s inception the company has strived to keep its negative impact on the environment to a minimum, after all it’s in our interest to keep the mountains white. Since day one our skis and snowboards have been manufactured by some of the most environmentally forward thinking factories in the EU. We’ve kept our carbon footprint as small as possible by sourcing all of our raw materials within a 400km radius of our factories. Continue reading