Bcomp Ltd.

We develop and patent technologies allowing the fabrication of eco superior products from natural fibres, with no compromise on performance, and an exclusively European supply chain.

It doesn’t mean we will build an airplane fuselage from natural fibres and bio-based resins grown in our gardens next year. It simply means that we develop solutions to replace resource intensive engineering materials by novel, bio-based materials wherever we believe it is possible, and without jeopardizing the performance of the final product.

Today, our solutions are partly bio-based (the fibres) and partly synthetic (the resins & foams), and we strengthen some of our products with carbon fibres. Some might say that it is not enough, that we don’t go the whole hog. At Bcomp we say it’s a start, and it is only the beginning of what we believe will be a long an passionate journey. For tomorrow, our vision is to have fully bio-based and recyclable structural composites at a competitive price. This is very clear. Very simple.

With our commitment to eco-superior solutions, we simply cannot afford long and energy-consuming transportation operations of our products. This is why our entire supply chain – from the flax fibre to the final composites processing – is located in Europe. Each of our suppliers have been carefully selected for their outstanding product and service quality, and in addition to an eco-efficient supply chain, the proximity and close collaboration guarantees a high reactivity and adaptability to Bcomp’s and our customers’ needs.


RIDE GREENER is an association of avid snowboarders and skiers who promote climate friendly snowboarding and skiing as well as environmentally conscious conduct in the mountains. The advancing global warming and the related negative consequences for the mountains and our sport is causing us great concern. We wish to show how, using simple means, one can minimize his CO2 footprint and stop the trend towards snow-poor winters. After all we still want to be able to enjoy the snow covered peaks for a long time to come.

Respect the Mountains

Respect the Mountains is an organisation that creates awareness about mountain areas. Many tourists visit the Alps every year, especially during the winter season. The damages are severe. Respect the Mountains is designed to make people aware of the uniqueness and importance of mountain areas and the simple measures – our 7 Ways to Respect the Mountain- you can take to reduce the negative impact. Let’s keep our playground clean!



European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (Eurosima), is a network of private and public actors, focused on the promotion and development of the boardsports sector, exploring such fields as innovation, R&D and sustainable development.

3AC AirexBaltekBanova

3A Composites

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within 3A Composites, part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, India, China and Papua New Guinea, that has pioneered the sandwich technology for almost 70 years. Its AirexBaltekBanova brand provides sustainable, lightweight and resource-friendly, high-quality core materials (broadest portfolio in the industry) to enable the production of lighter and thus more energy efficient end products for the wind, aerospace, automotive, marine and other industrial applications.

Recently, 3A Composites innovated to develop a new type of core materials, an ultra-lightweight balsa plywood known as BANOVA®.