“We don’t scale, we don’t rate – we just raise the awareness for eco superior products”

While one third of the global non-renewable resources are still being used for production and transportation of manufactured goods, resources are becoming scarce and the need for renewable bio-based materials is strongly increasing. In this context, the number one challenge for governments, consumers and businesses remains the quest for more environmentally sustainable societies and economies. However, our highly demanding society won’t accept trading off sustainability for performance; hence new products will increasingly need to combine both. Thus, the solution doesn’t consist of ‘green only’, but rather eco-superior products which will strongly increase over the coming years: products that not only are eco-friendly, but superior to polluting incumbents in every possible way. Think a combination of eco-friendly yet superior functionality, superior design, and/or superior savings.


3 reasons why the founders of Bcomp created this label:

♥  One of the most fun things for us is to play in the nature. We would like to keep the trees green, the rivers clear and the oceans blue.
♥  Products that are “green,” but also perform better than their non-green counterparts, making them superior.
♥  Use the best and most efficient technology and materials to bring the sporting – leisure tools to the next level.


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